02 May 2011

Dark Side

As I have some time on this flight I am going to prepare a few posts, like this one, for publishing when I land and reconnect to the web.

In nearly every industry I can imagine, there are other industries that have sprung up to support them. I am sitting in front of two young men who work as professional pollsters for political campaigns. Firms like the ones that they work for can generate high fees and have become an integral part of the electoral process. My own career is supported by technical and legal subindustries specific to my field. Intercollegiate sports is no different.

Pete Thamel of the New York Times wrote an excellent article about the shady elements that surround the collegiate recruiting. Read it and see if you agree that folks like Caldwell don't belong in any high schooler's living room.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this article to light. I had not seen it. You know how I feel on this topic -college sports is filthy. What struck me most about this article is what kind of judicial system we have that allows chronic criminals to ply their trade over and over again, in and out of the collegiate recruiting arena.