03 May 2011


Shortly after the celebrations of Bin Laden's death were shown, many people lamented the glorifying of his violent end. They found moral backing in a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., that was not actually written or spoken by him.

It is a fascinating look at how misinformation can spread on the Internet very, very quickly. The sentiment behind the quote is a good one, and I don't blame anyone who feels that way.

By the way, I continue to be very happy that Bin Laden is dead. I am glad that he didn't just die peacefully, but that some rough men took him out the hard way. It was just. If I ever become a mass-murdering, bigoted, and evil man I give each of you license to throw a party when I earn my just reward. In today's New York Post, the section on Bin Laden carried the subtitle "Rot in Hell" on each page.

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