27 January 2011

What I've Learned

I've had some time on my hands, so I thought I would share some of what I've been thinking about.

I've learned that three hour naps in the middle of the afternoon are amazing! I used to know that, so I guess I relearned it. I'm sure I will soon learn that I should not expect that to happen again until my children are much, much older.

I've learned that I need a much better story to explain how I got this sweet cut in between my eyes. Not for people that I actually care about, but for the randomly curious person to whom I do not want to give the whole flu/dehydration spiel. Any ideas? Referee at a cockfight? Unicycle accident?

I've learned that old age must be very frustrating, especially if there is much of this falling involved. At least I was asleep during my fall. I only had to experience the blood pouring from my face after the incident occurred, which I think would be preferable to experiencing my face hit the bathtub LIVE!

I've learned that there is so little good programming on TV. Most of ESPN's hosts are insufferable, with silly affected voices and the inability to ask non-leading questions. All of these old dramas all seem the same. At least rereading old novels is more satisfying than watching old tv shows (Thank you Orson Scott Card).

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