16 January 2011

No Big Deal

This announcement, that travel restrictions to Cuba are being eased by the Obama administration, is not that big a deal. While it should lead to more interchange of currency and people, it is not a huge shift in relations between the US and Cuba.

The US embargo or Cuba continues in every meaningful sense, but to what end? There is no doubt that we have something to gain economically from lifting the embargo, but it is small relative to our economic relationships with other states. If there was more immediate and significant impact, the embargo would have been lifted long ago.

I favor the removal of the embargo. Engagement with the Castro regime would remove their ability to frame us as the boogeyman, cause of all their troubles. It would allow us to strengthen our influence over a strategically important neighbor, one who is much too chummy with Venezuela and China.

So a few more dollars and people visiting Cuba? No big deal. Remove the embargo and THEN I'll be impressed.

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