24 January 2011

I Got Whacked

Saturday night I started to feel a little sick. Mild sore throat and aches mostly, which I attributed to my Friday INTENSE weight lifting and playing in our flag football league game earlier that day. I woke up the next morning feeling pretty lousy, which I now know is the Flu. I stayed home from Church, slept a lot, hoping to feel better in time for a 9 AM appointment in the office.

I woke up at midnight to use the bathroom. On my way from toilet to sink I blacked out, hitting my face on something (bathtub or floor?). I woke up to see blood pouring from my nose and this nice gash on my nose between my eyes.

That is a picture that I snapped in the hospital. Apparently I had a subconscious desire to emulate Harry Potter, but aimed a little low.

Lacy heard me fall and came into the bathroom as I was trying to stand up. I was unresponsive to her questions, but remember thinking that I needed to get cleaned up and go back to sleep. She helped me slump back against the wall, and I sipped some Gatorade while she called my dad. He arrived, took me to the hospital where I had an EKG, CT scan, chest x-ray, blood work and flu swab. The diagnosis? Dehydration due to influenza type A. I thought I was drinking enough fluids, but apparently not. In addition to the face gash I have a small fracture in my nose and nasty neck pain.

17 stitches later (3 internal, 14 external) here is my beautiful face.

I am taking it easy at home, trying to stay away from my wonderful, curious kids and beautiful wife so that they don't get sick. I'm grateful for Lacy and her quick thinking after the initial shock of seeing my blood pooling on the bath rug. I'm grateful for my parents, especially my dad who sat with me in the hospital for four hours and is covering my appointments. I'm thankful to God that nothing more serious occurred.

I learned that you can be dehydrated and still have to pee. I am taking Tamiflu and enjoying the Lortab. Hopefully I will rejoin society later this week.

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Location:Home, then North Florida Regional Medical Center, now Home


A.J. said...

Sorry to hear about the fall, but glad to hear all is ok. Rest up!

Jayson & Chelsey said...

Yikes! Quite the battle wound! Feel better soon!

Linz said...

Oh, no! That stinks, Joe! I hope you are feeling better soon!! Take it easy!

The Nielsen Family said...

You know Joe, Dehydration because of influenza is the excuse that all the stars use who are checked into the hospital for some kind of substance abuse. Are you sure we don't need to be having some sort of intervention? :)

Hope you feel better soon and that your skin heals nicely!!

Jill, Tom, Sadie, Ashlynn & Brooke said...

Hey Joe. I haven't checked out your blog for a while, so I'm a little late to this party. Like the others, I hope you get well soon.


And I hope there's no permanent damage. There's a shortage of perfect space between eyes in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.