12 January 2011


I thought this was a very moving article about Billy Donovan and two of his former assistants, now SEC coaches in their own right. All three lost children during late stages of pregnancy.

The loss of a child is hard to imagine. I have found the birth of our children to be a deeply moving, spiritual experience. To witness your wife be in such extremity, and to know that there is a very thin line between success and failure is sobering. In two instances, Grant and Pelphrey, their wives were very ill due to complications arising from the loss. Fortunately, both survived, husband and wife buoyed by their faith and good relationships with family and each other.

Some of our friends have been through similar experiences to these families. It is life-altering, and as is mentioned several times in the article, it forces you to reflect on the many wonderful blessings that you do have.

I think the article is worth your time.

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Linz said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for posting this today. What a moving story.

Jayson & Chelsey said...

Great writing, Joe. Thanks for sharing the article.