28 November 2010

Play of the Day

BYU lost a heartbreaker to the Utes. Miami lost in overtime, at home, and is looking for a new head coach. Not a lot of be happy about, football-wise, but you will love this amazing play by an Oklahoma State defensive back:

They lost the game, but what a play!

Regarding Shannon's dismissal from Miami- I think very highly of Shannon as an individual. I was disaapointed by the Canes performance this year, given the level of talent on the team. They regressed as the year went on, rather than improving, and you must win those home games. It is a sad thing, as he was exemplary in keeping his players out of trouble.

I am much happier about BYU, the loss notwithstanding. We improved steadily during the last half of the season, and it makes me optimistic for next year.

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