29 November 2010

Leaking Implications

This is some interesting analysis of the WikiLeaks data in terms of how the U.S. and other nations may deal with Iran. David Frum writes:

But here’s the ghastliest irony of the leak. If it was Julian Assange’s intention to use information hacked from U.S. computer systems to protect Iran from U.S. military action, he has very likely massively failed at his own purpose.
The leak makes military conflict between Iran and the United States more likely, not less. The leak has changed the political equation in ways that reduce the restraint on U.S. policy.

I don't have any idea why Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has made this his mission in life. I don't want us to go to war with anyone, much less Iran, but there is more support for explicit action against Iran than was previously supposed.

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Jeanette said...

There are no longer secrets...are there?