18 November 2010


BYU has greatly improved since the beginning of the football season. Jake Heaps, our freshman quarterback, seems to have found his stride. A win this weekend will make us bowl eligible, and I still hold out hope for a surprise victory over Utah to end the regular season. Here are some pictures from my trip to the game.

That's Eric, Nate, Justin, myself and Jon. Matt took the picture.

It is a little hard to see, but Justin has a sweet 'stache.

In other good news, the University of Miami has received a $5 million donation to its athletic program that will allow some nice improvements to their facilities.


Lisa said...

Brrr! Everyone looks cold in that picture. I'm glad they won when you were there to watch. We are a house divided here with two BYU alums and two Utah students (one soon to be grad). That is a typical Justin picture!!

Kira said...

That is a sweet stache!!! Whoever that is must be a really cool person!!