08 December 2011

Rick Perry "Dumb"

Rick Perry's latest campaign ad, "Strong," is a perfect example of why we should all be happy that he has little-to-no chance of winning the Republican nomination:

It seems a bit desperate, playing to some of the basest fears, implying that our military, full of openly-serving gays, is related to the erosion of religious freedom in schools.

If someone is willing to take up arms in defense of their country, their sexuality is not a concern of mine, unless it becomes a detriment to their work. This is true of heterosexuals as well.

I thought this was a pretty hilarious skewering of Perry's poor analogy, from Lucas Kavner in the Huffington Post.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but politics, like marketing...is all about preying upon our most basic of fears. That's why I don't count any of these folks out of contention. The world is fluid and a turn of global or domestic events could easily align itself with someone's message of the moment. And then, wham-o. They're the flavor of the moment. After the last few presidents elected, as well as the candidates who have tried to attain the office, this neither shocks me or keeps me from thinking the guy has a chance. This is no doubt to my current pessimism regarding all things political. Does it show?!