21 December 2011

Germs on a Plane

The Wall Street Journal has a frightening article on germs in airplanes and airports. It left me feeling like air travelers have almost no chance of avoiding illness.

One of their suggestions? Move seats if you are sitting by a sickly passenger. Have any of you flown on a plane lately with much extra space? Most of my travel on planes is 4+ hours long. It seems like those flights tend to be more full, so keeping my (less than 3 ounce) container of Purell seems like the way to go.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say the hand sanitizer AND a full face mask complete with your own oxygen seem like the way to go...which probably won't go over well with the air marshal but too bad. I don't fly. I simply can't. I rinse my sinuses daily and am essentially allergic to life. Every time I ever took a plane I wound up in the doctor's office shortly thereafter. Air travel is inhuman anyway and at least someone is starting to document this aspect of it.