20 September 2011

A War on Beef

I am fond of calling myself a meatacheesatarian. I like meat and I like cheese, so it is an apt description. Lately I've been mostly a leanmeatcottagecheesatarian, but it still works.

While at the HiddenOakChick-fil-aSpiritNight, Joseph noticed that Chick-fil-a now has an iPad app. Joseph is adept at convincing me to add apps that appeal to him, and I thought, why not add this one? I love their delicious chicken and waffle fries. I like that they close on Sundays. The cow thing is a good gimmick. I agreed to download it and we decided to check it out at bedtime.

Included in the app are several comics featuring superhero cows. We received a few of these last year when they were part of the kid's meal. In my recollection they were pretty innocuous, so we read Gristle Missile first. I didn't realize how strong their message was. Mr. Cathy, the CEO and son of the founder want us to believe that the moral of the story is to have initiative. The true, hidden meaning is that eating beef is evil.

I had to answer uncomfortable questions tonight:

"Daddy, why is he taking the hamburgers?"
"Why doesn't he want people to eat meat?"
"Is he going to break into our house and steal our beef?"

The last question actually hasn't come up- yet. Do you see where I'm going? In Decibell, the evil mastermind is the proprietor of a "beef buffet," whose aim is to hypnotize the city into eating only his food.

Just as with celebrities with pet causes, I'm looking at you Bob Barker, I don't want to be told what to think. I want to be ENTERTAINED. I want to have a culinary experience at Chick-fil-a, not be preached an exclusionary, anti-hamburger message.

Just make me my chicken. I'll do the rest.

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Jeanette said...

You are right on target! But it's more than Chick-fil-a...it's every where, even Disney. You'll notice more and more as you get as old as I am:)...

Anonymous said...

My wife and I eat at "the Chick" weekly and love it. We also love the ad campaigns but both certainly understand the viewpoint presented here. Food for thought, if you will.