05 September 2011


I watched the Miami Hurricanes lose a close game tonight. On Facebook, a friend commented that the Canes are my drug, that I should quit, but I can't. There is some truth to this, at least in terms of my relationship with college football in general.

I had a turning point during a 2003 game, Miami vs Virginia Tech. Complete annihilation by a hated rival left me convinced That I was too affected by the outcomes of these games. I've made a concerted effort since that time to divorce myself from the emotions of the game, with some success. It is interesting that the emotional relapses are that much more jarring as a result. The contrast is mor extreme.

A few games come to mind, including BYU's 2009 loss to FSU and last year's loss to Utah. Tough losses, but fortunately not as bad as that 2003 game against VT, or the 2001 BYU loss to Hawaii, or worst of all, Fiesta Bowl 2002.

So yeah, I'm still hooked, but I'm functioning. For now.

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