16 March 2011

Moral Failure

This post was inspired by this tweet from baseball writer Rob Neyer:

My brilliantly nuanced memo addressed to every head of state who can't
figure out how to help the Libyan rebels: You suck. #libya

I couldn't agree more. We need look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. to see a horrendous and cowardly absence of leadership with regard to Libya.

What do I expect him to do? Or any other leader? Don't talk about a no-fly zone. Make it happen. Put Gaddafi INTO THE GROUND. This is a certifiably evil man, a dictator, murderder, and sponsor of terrorism.

Courageous people are staring death in the face, even as I write this, and they are doing it while we do nothing. We don't need to send troops. We don't need to put any of our people in direct danger. They don't need us to provide human rights investigations. They need us to even up the odds, even just a little bit. We will look back at this moment as we do the Bay of Pigs in 1961, or our abandonment of the Iraqi opposition after the 1991 Gulf War, as a moment of moral weakness, and it is a tragedy.

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