03 March 2011

Honoring the Code

The dismissal of Brandon Davies from the BYU Basketball team has created a huge amount of attention for the school and its honor code. Despite my disappointment at what has happened and its impact on the season, the scrutiny is a wonderful thing.

Pat Forde of ESPN praised BYU for sticking to its principles. Fans like me are disappointed, but also proud that the school puts that code above athletic achievments. And most of us aren't really mad at Davies. I certainly feel bad for the scrutiny he will deal with as the nation's most famous amorous teenager. We feel sympathy for him because, even where no honor code violations occur, BYU students are human, and you know everything that goes along with that.

I listened to a great call on Jim Rome today. A BYU alum called in and explained just what we Cougars do for fun when alcohol, drugs, and sex are off the menu. We used to play sports, watch sports, play games, ski, and enjoy hanging out with friends. Basically the same things that we did before we got to Provo. Nobody who goes to BYU does so without understanding the honor code. It provides a tremendous feeling of security and unity of purpose.

I am grateful for the time I spent there and often feel nostalgic for those times. I hope my children will be able to attend there. I'm proud that the school upheld the honor code, even as I lament the loss of a great player. I hope that he feels the support of the BYU community. None of us is perfect.


A.J. said...

I think the following post is appropriate to visit in light of this:


Perhaps other schools should enhance their codes of conduct. LaVell Edwards is quoted on page 2 of the article.

Kira said...

Nice post Joe. I am also happy with the way BYU dealt with this. I absolutely loved my time in Provo and at BYU. I really hope that my children will also be able to go there.

Lillie said...

Well said Joe.... liked this post.