24 March 2011


It would be an understatement to say that the anticipation of tonight's game between BYU and Florida has me a littl distracted. I have been spending too much (just enough?) time responding to Facebook posts and the latest articles about my beloved Cougars.

This game is a beautiful thing. I live in Gainesville, and have since I was ten years old, with the exception of 2 years as a missionary in Southern California and 4 glorious years in Provo at BYU. I love living here, but when I moved to Gainesville I HATED the Gators. At the time I didn't really care about BYU, loving the Miami Hurricanes more than any other. Having gone to the Y, they now own my ultimate sports loyalty.

I don't hate the Gators (much) anymore, as numerous posts here can attest, but my choice here was never in doubt.

I think BYU is a unique place. There are plenty of haters (Ute fans especially) but their vitriol has no impact on my love for BYU's special nature. Some of them just grew up that way, some couldn't get in, others are just run-of-the-mill godless reprobates. Too harsh?

I loved this article from Ann Killion at SI.com. I love the Cougs, win or lose. They have given us a great season, a successful and thrilling season. I like Billy Donovan and this Gator team is a pretty good, pretty likable team. I can think of worse things than losing to them. I just hope it doesn't happen.

I won't predict a score. That really is a somewhat ridiculous idea. I just want a win.

Go Cougars!


Walmir & Irene said...

Sorry big Joe. Good game. Jimmer is unreal, but had an off night.

Anonymous said...

Lowdogg, I have loved the Cougs from afar this season as well and am looking forward to blogging all things BYU going forward...and everyone else...in my return to the blogosphere. Jimmer For Prez... if not Mitt...I have linked your site on mine and hope you will do the same. Best, Bruce B. (aka sportsattitudes...formerly sportsattitude)

Anonymous said...

Lowdogg, I have added your link to another newly-started blog of mine...lifeattitudes.com. Separating the sports and non-sports thoughts. Hope you can check it out as well. Best, Bruce.