08 February 2010

Winners Again

I was pulling for the Colts (I always root for the AFC), but I didn't mind that the Saints won the game. They certainly earned it.

I was happy that several Hurricanes, Jeremy Shockey & Jonathan Vilma, were able to win their first rings, especially as both had difficult periods in their career up to this point.

Dave Barry has a nice little column on the game.


A.J. said...

Did Shockey not get a ring with the Giants in 2008? I know he did not play in the playoffs due to his injury towards the end of the year, but he had played that season. And I know he was bitter at the end of the year due to talks of trading him ... but he had to have been given a ring at some point ... right?

Jlowryjr said...

I don't believe that he did. He was on injured reserve, therefore not on the roster while still being controlled by the team.

I don't think he ended up with a ring, but I could be wrong.