27 February 2010

Not so Carnival

I don't really know that much about Brazil's domestic situation. I know a little about the president, the nation's impressive oil and natural gas resources, and some of the cultural aspects, and have long had good friends from Brazil.

I was shocked by the photo accompanying this article, which may not be unique to Brazil. The article describes areas of Rio that are ruled by juvenile criminal elements.


A.J. said...

Had a co-worker who lived in Brazil for three years as a plant manager. He was driven to work every day on a different route every day. Nevertheless, he was car-jacked at gun point twice. He lived in a double gated community as well. MY favorite story was that they had a plan that if he received a phone call from a certain person, to leave the country immediately. Oddly, he looks back to his time there fondly and considered retiring there. I hear good things about the country, but can not imagine living a in a place where there is a large element of lawlessness.

Jlowryjr said...

We had a client who lived there for several years and really enjoyed it, and also enjoyed significant protection from his firm.

Still, I'm with you.