09 February 2010

Missing the Message

I thought this article was an interesting take on a fairly weak slate of Superbowl ads. I had planned to write more on the subject, but haven't had much time lately.

My favorite? The Letterman-Leno ad.

My least favorite? Audi's implicit approval of civil rights abuse with their "Green Police" ad.


A.J. said...

Although I definitely rolled my eyes at the commercial (the Audi accelerates off real fast at the end, likely wasting gas ... and do not get me started on biodiesel ...) ... do you really think they meant to implicity approve civil rights abuse? I think that is giving their marketing department way too much credit.

My fave was the budweiser commercial with the house made of cans. "A fridge made of bud with bud in it." It was sort of cheezy, but made me laugh.

My least fave was the Go-Daddy ones. They are always so stupid.

The "most-worried-about-but-everyone-overreacted-and-wasted-their-time-talking-about-it-before-it-actually-played" award goes to the Tim Tebow commercial. Though I am pro-choice, I thought it was completely reasonable (all be it a little unclear).

Jlowryjr said...

I agree about the Tebow ad. If the kerfuffle had not erupted prior to the game I don't know if I would have known what the ad was about.

And I don't think Audi was promoting the Green Police concept for adoption. I just found it off-putting.

That was a good Bud ad, especially the part you liked.

I also agree that the Go-Daddy ads are pretty lame.