23 December 2009

SPOTD #162 Travelin'

I have traveled a lot over the last month and thought I would use this edition to do some reviews. Not sure if anyone cares but me.

Today's Phrase:
We enjoyed our time with my wife's family on our recent trip to California. I am very happy to staying home for Christmas. If you happen to be traveling, this phrase is for you. Otherwise you may use it on others.

¡Buen viaje!

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable
Bwain vee-ya-hay.

Translation (roughly)
Have a good trip!

Angelo's 2: We had a fantastic breakfast at this old-looking restaurant in Garden Grove. A ton of food, including some delicious huevos rancheros, at a great price.
Yardhouse: On our last night in Cali we ate here with Lacy's family. Half-priced appetizers during Monday Night Football made for a perfect meal, including some of the best chicken tenders that I have ever had.
Point Loma Seafood: One of our favorite places to eat in San Diego. Delicious fish tacos and great clam chowder, with fish fresh off the boats.
Cafe Rio: I would have a real problem if we had one of these in Gainesville, but it would be worth the problem. The steak burrito, enchilada-style is something I always go for whenever I am in Utah.
In-n-Out: Seems like something you either love or hate. More lovers than haters out there, and I am a lover. Somehow they ended up on this list, but I think my twice-annual trips are probably okay.
Olive Garden: I mention it here because their Lasagna Fritta is deliciosa.
Waffle House: You can't beat the Waffle House after midnight. Everyone should go at least once in their life. Atlanta is a great place.

Expedition: We rented one and it had plenty of room and a nifty electric third row, but I prefer the handling of our Honda Odyssey.
Camaro: The rental version is the less-powered V6 model, but it still looks pretty cool. It handled pretty well, but the small greenhouse puts a serious damper on visibility. I especially liked the fat steering wheel.

Disneyland: This was my first time. Just as fun as Disneyworld, with it's own charm. The major difference is how small the castle is and how close the park is to the urban areas.
Sea World San Diego: Just like Sea World Orlando with better weather. You can't help but be amazed by the size and speed of the orcas. It made my jaw drop, even though I've seen it before. The sea lion show was disappointing for all its filler. I'd rather just see the animals performing.
World of Coca-Cola- Pretty fun place to pass the time in Atlanta. You can taste some disgusting Coke-produced soda from around the world, and some good ones as well.

Link of the Day
Enjoy some of the signs that have been photographed around the world.

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