12 December 2009

Past & Present

There is a new ESPN documentary premiering tonight, The U. It looks at the 1980's heyday of the program, the winningest team of that decade.

The Miami Herald's Dan LeBatard had a great piece on the current state of the Canes, one that includes excellent academic performance and very few legal issues, especially compared to other programs.

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A.J. said...

Interesting documentary. As I am watching it, I did not realize all of the goings-on, which surprises me. The reason why it surprises me is that I lived in Coral Springs from 1983 to 1987. All I can remember from that time is the Miami Dolphins. Maybe it is because I was so young or maybe because I was in Broward county or maybe there was a Pro football team to watch (was college football as big then as it is today?), but I do not remember even the national championships. It is interesting because the documentary makes a big deal about how they were bigger than the Dolphins, but taht was not how I remember it.

Now, not be a Miami-hater, but when I moved to Gainesville in 1988 I could not believe the fervor for UF football. Maybe I was older and maybe there was nothing better to do in Gainesville, but the first few years they were not all that great, yet the town was nuts for UF. I remember Emmit Smith. I remember Galen Hall getting fired and then Spurrier coming in. I can't remember anything about Miami football, but I do remember Marino and the Dolphins.

That being said, I am really happy about Randy Shannon and Miami today. I think it is good for the ACC, good for the city of Miami, and good for football in the state of Florida.

But, I still have to end this with Go Gators!