30 November 2009

College Football Roundup

The biggest news for me this weekend was the victory of my BYU Cougars over arch-rival Utah. Before moving to Utah to attend BYU, I had little real idea of how intense this rivalry was. It seemed a little silly to me, having come from Florida, a state where rivalry games routinely decided national champion contenders. As a Cougar, it seemed like vitriol of Utes far outstripped anything from Florida-Georgia or Miami-Florida State.

Things seemed to have reached a new level with BYU's win last Saturday. After the game Max Hall, BYU's quarterback, made some imprudent comments. You can read commentary on them here, from KSL and the Salt Lake Tribune. Utes have responded in kind. It's not a great development in an ugly rivalry.

Still, I'm extremely happy with how things turned out.


Miami finished their season well. This was great preparation for next season, and if they have a nice win in their bowl game (probably the Gator Bowl), it may be a good indication of things to come.


Andy Staples of SI.com makes a good case for Tim Tebow's greatness as a football player and how he is undeserving of this year's Heisman trophy.

Many commentators are picking Alabama for this weekend's SEC Championship game. I think it will be a close game, one I will be attending, but I don't think I will ever pick against Tim Tebow.

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