19 September 2009

Tebow's Problem?

I'm watching the UF-Tennessee game right now. I want Florida to win this game, but I am not sure that I want the Gators to go undefeated this year. What I want may not matter, but it highlights my increasingly complicated relationship with the Gators.

I like Tim Tebow and I like Urban Meyer. They're the hometown team, so most Saturdays I root for their success.

But I grew up a fan of the University of Miami, and continue to be one to this day. I used to HATE the Gators, and took great satisfaction from the difficulties Florida had with Miami during the 3 meetings earlier this decade.

As Florida's success has really blossomed the enjoyment of Gator fans has increased, and in some cases has risen to insufferability. Should the Gators go undefeated this year I think it will rise to such epic proportions that my latent, once-thought-abandoned Gator-hate may re-emerge for good. We'll see what happens.

The game is close at this point, 10-6. We'll see what happens.

For your extra-credit reading, this article about Tebow's NFL prospects is interesting because it focuses on Tebow's left-handedness, and the generally poor fortunes of left-handers in the NFL.


A.J. said...

Funny ... I have traditionally hated Miami (even though I lived near Miami before moving to Gainesville). However, I like Randy Shannon, I like what he is doing for the program, and I want him to do well so he gets to stick around. Oddly, I found myself rooting for them against FSU and Ga Tech. Odd ...

Lets be honest though, any town is insufferable when the home team is winning and you are not a huge fan ...

Kira said...

GO GATORS!!! Even Evan can say it now! (with the Gator chomp and everything)