22 September 2009

Rise and Fall and Rise

I thought this was a good piece from SI.com's Stewart Mandel. He looks at Miami and Cal, two middling 2008 teams that have shown a resurgence in 2009.

To have at #9 is exciting, but given BYU's fortunes over the last several weeks I know how fleeting that can be. The Canes face two difficult tests over the next 2 weeks, with Virginia Tech and Oklahoma, and if they can emerge unbeaten it will bode very well for their somewhat surprising team.

Cal's success is less surprising, but with USC losing last Saturday they are in a good position if they continue winning.


A.J. said...

Being a few blocks away from Cal's stadium ... I could not resist a comment or two.

(1) Sadly, they could blow it. They have had the wheels fall off on a few seasons.

(2) The fervor that exists for football in places like the SEC, Florida, and Texas does not exist at Cal. Yeah, there is the "Big Game," but it is not the same ...

Jlowryjr said...

Seems to be a western thing.

And I certainly believe they could blow it. I will relive the BYU-FSU game in my nightmares for a while.