27 September 2009

SPOTD #159

It has been almost a month. There's a lot here to enjoy.

Today's Phrase:
Too many football losses lately.

Cuando pierdes, no pierdes la lección.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable
Kwan-do pyair-days, no pyair-days lah lek-syown.

When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

Sweet Rebirth
Mercedes is planning a spiritual successor to one of its all-time classic cars- the Gullwing. Take a moment and check out these beautiful pics.

I'll keep it brief-
Valkyrie: Pretty good. Solid acting, interesting story.
Inkheart: Wholesome, didn't care much about the characters. Nice story.
Wolverine: Better than expected. Effects could have been better. Beautiful locales.
Next: Forgettable but fun. I fell asleep part-way through for about 5 minutes.

Why is Halo 3 ODST a significant release? Find out here.
What implications does the new iPod Nano have on other gadgets? This post from Popular Mechanics supposes that the inclusion of the video camera makes it an even more formidable device. I just learned that it actually has an FM tuner as well.
This is a review of historical sports innovations.
A new kind of portable shelter promises to provide better conditions for those displaced by natural disasters.

Rat Eater
There is a pitcher plant in the Phillipines that is tailor-made to chow down on small vertebrates like rats.

A Russian billionaire has installed a countermeasure against photography. It may be illegal, and it is an interesting technology.

Link of the Day
Normally I reserve this space for something silly, but I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight the life of an extremely influential person that few of us were aware of- Norman Borlaug.
This was an article that was written when Borlaug turned 90. Borlaug died a few weeks ago at age 95. This remembrance also looks at the significance of a man who may have saved more lives than any other person.

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