05 August 2009

SPOTD #157

It is my 30th birthday and the 157th SPOTD. Scroll down for more great information that I have posted on these august pages.

Today's Phrase:
Generally we don't ask people how old they are, but someone may ask you. Now you can answer appropriately, using the applicable number of course.

Tengo (trienta) aƱos.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable
Tain-go train-tah awn-yose.

I am thirty years old.

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince: This may be the best adaptation yet from the series. We actually watched at this drive-in in Blue Ridge, GA and thought it was very well-done. Nothing can match the scope of the books, but this was solid.
Transformers 2: It is a loud, illogical mess, but I loved it. When I was shopping for my son's birthday it required great restraint to keep from buying him (me) some Transformers.

From the Deep
San Diego has been attacked by hordes of large squid, some up to 100 lbs! Mostly this is a problem for scuba divers who have to be wary of the aggressive beasts. This would be a pretty wild experience.
Also, it's Shark Week, so read about 5 Myths about sharks that YOU may hold as true!

Toy Engineering
This is a Popular Mechanics Review of 5 poorly engineered GI Joe vehicles. I owned #3 as a child, and it was among the lamest vehicles in my collection.
The movie comes out this weekend, and has garnered much better reviews than I expected.

Fragile Infrastructure
An undersea cable was damaged and four (4!) African countries lost their access to the Internet. Crazy how vulnerable they are, but also a wake-up call for all of us.

Phone It In
At least two of my friends have demolished their phones on more than one occasion. They could use one of these.
I just bought one of these and I love it.

I Can See Clearly
The Sears Tower has introduced a clear glass balcony on the top floor. Check out the great pictures here.

Link of the Day
This is a HEE-larious collection of old print advertisements. It seems astonishing that these would have sold anything, but every era has its own peculiarities.

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A.J. said...

Heh ... I am 30 in 3 days, so I will be sure to use this if I end up in Mexico. Happy (belated in your time zone, but not mine) Birthday!