12 August 2009

Health Care Thoughts

I enjoyed this article about the difficulty that doctors face when trying to treat heart disease in infants and children. My son was born with a serious heart defect, and I never remember wondering if there were things they would use that were "off-label." The outcome was so excellent that I don't really care.

I do wonder how a greater degree of government involvement would affect this area.

Yesterday USA Today published an editorial that called disruptive protests at town hall meetings un-American. Fortunately the White House disagrees. Disruptions for disruption's sake are unproductive, but this is an issue that has people energized, and they should be able to air their concerns.

Ed Koch is the former mayor of New York and an Obama supporter. He comments on the President's political failure with regard to health care reform and what issues concern him as a recent recipient of open-heart surgery at 84 years old.

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