31 August 2009

Obama- Fumando la Pipa

The Obama administration continues to make poor choices with regard to Honduras. O'Grady addresses it perfectly in today's Journal. Here is an excerpt:

If the Obama administration were a flotilla of ships, it might be sending
out an SOS right about now. ObamaCare has hit the political equivalent of an
iceberg. And last week the president’s international prestige was broadsided by
the Scots, who set free the Lockerbie bomber without the least consideration of
American concerns. Mr. Obama’s campaign promise of restoring common sense to
budget management is sleeping with the fishes.
This administration needs a win. Or more accurately, it can't bear another loss right now. Most especially it can't afford to be defeated by the government of a puny Central American country that doesn't seem to know its place in the world and dares to defy the imperial orders of Uncle Sam.
I'm referring, of course, to Honduras, which despite two months of intense pressure from Washington is still refusing to reinstate Manuel Zelaya, its deposed president. Last week the administration took off the gloves and sent a message that it would use everything it has to break the neck of the Honduran democracy. Its bullying might work. But it will never be able to brag about what it has done.


Bart said...

Hey Joe-
I know you are following this, and probably already heard ... but I just read this article:


Bart said...

That kind cut off the link. Anyway, article about the US's next move in Honduras. See CNN.com