10 May 2009

Nerd Alert

You could say that I was a lapsed Trekkie. I watched some of the Original Series as a kid, but was a devoted follower of the Next Generation. Later iterations were less interesting to me, though Deep Space Nine was pretty good. I was very excited to see the new movie, happy to see the good reviews, and after watching it I am generally very happy.

Star Trek was dead. After the last show failed to gain traction I didn't expect anything else to come along. I heard about the remake, and thought, what could it hurt? I couldn't figure out how they were going to do it, but the final product is both faithful to the original mythology while opening up a completely new realm of possibility. I don't want to get spoilery here.

The movie had a great opening weekend, much stronger than any other Trek film has done. This bodes well for the future. Most impressively, my sci-fi disdaining better half enjoyed it a lot.

Popular Mechanics took a look at some of the physics of the film. It could have been worse.

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