01 May 2009

The Game Happened There

The Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls played a fantastic game last night, a triple-overtime Game 6 match-up. I don't watch that much basketball anymore, but I enjoy the playoffs and root for the Heat. I did grow up a fan of the Bulls, owing to my mom's devotion for Michael Jordan. Given the likelihood of a Heat loss tonight, I am hoping that the Bulls can take this series. I always pull for the East team in the Finals (except for the Pistons), so to have Chicago in there, a young and exciting team and the team of my youth, would be perfect.

After Game 2 of the series, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons predicted that this could be a series for the ages. He was right. He also predicted that Boston's previous experience in the playoffs would be the determinant. We'll find out tomorrow.

For more on why this has been such a great series, check out this piece by SI.com's Ian Thomsen.

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