31 July 2008

Quake (AweVidSat bonus)

Lacy and I are always talking about which state is more dangerous to live in- Florida or California? Obviously I point to earthquakes and she to hurricanes. Since there was recently a quake in Southern Cal I thought I would post some funny videos (one new, one old) of what happens when a quake hits).

This was during a taping of Judge Judy:

This is a hilarious bit from an old episode of David Letterman. That second anchor clearly is the inspiration for Ron Burgundy:

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Sportsattitude said...

Tough call on Florida vs. California. I think I'll take the Golden State over the Sunshine State when it comes to safety. Hurricanes and tornadoes - not a big fan. I'll roll (bad pun) with earthquakes...and the occasional wildfire outbreaks.