19 July 2008

Castillos (Castles)

I have a habit of building sand castles whenever I am in Marco Island, FL. The sand there is perfect. I blogged about last year's effort, and this year I have had two that I am pleased with.

This one was made my first stretch here. A simpler design. I favor a deep moat.

It's fun to build a tunnel into the large center mass.

This is #2. Wall on the inside of the moat (more logical). You can't see in the pic, but there is a dead crab on top. We had a huge storm, he didn't make it, so now he adorns the top (or did until it rained today).

The above castle actually survived overnight, so I added the taller "keep" and connected castle in front. Overnight someone had ringed it with shells. It was a nice touch and may have kept it from being destroyed by passersby.
Joseph and Millie are playing in a ramp I dug out for Joseph's monster trucks.

I dug out this bridge for the forward part. I was inspired by some stuff Walmir and I did for Joseph's trucks last week. I don't have a good pic of it though. I had a much bigger sand bridge for the first castle, but went too deep and the sinkhole effect claimed it.

This is a view of the village I added to the side of the castle. Many castles had villages surrounded by a smaller city wall. If trouble came people would flee to the more secure castle.

This is a closer view of the village. There is a road, a stream with a small brige over it, and a portcullis of sorts to protect the town.

A different view of the same.

Perhaps when I get back next week I will better the design. I wanted to add a port to it, but an early afternoon rainstorm has reclaimed it (I think).

Yes, I am a sand castle nerd.


Kira said...

It sure does look like you have way too much time to relax. Those castles are awesome. Good job joe!

Anonymous said...

nice work man. That's some serious sand castle work. These pictures look even more impressive when you click on the smaller version to see it open the larger picture in another window - it makes them look HUGE.
I know who I'm picking in the first round of upcoming sand castle construction league draft...
oh yeah, speaking of drafts, fantasy football is coming up soon...yeah!