29 July 2008

Missionary Football

This is a good article from the Miami Herald about the LDS missionary service of 4 current Miami Dolphins. The most notable of the four is John Beck, 2nd year quarterback. Beck had a bad year last year, but sums up how his missionary experience had prepared him:

I always say when you're on the mission, you have to face a lot of rejection. A lot of people don't want to talk to you. When you walk down the streets, people throw stuff at you, they cuss at you. Where I was at in Portugal, some people liked to swerve their cars in front of us, kind of joke around like, `I'm going to hit you.' Ridicule, all that kind of stuff, it was just normal, you just had to work through it.
Let's take that into last year where a lot of things were going bad for us. It was tough, but we had to just keep on working kind of with the goal in mind that even though it's tough, we're going to keep working and things will be good. That's kind of how it is on a mission.
You'll sometimes work, work, work, work, day after day after day, tons of rejection, tons of rejection, then you find one person who really does want to talk to you, who it really does matter to, that makes it all worth it. For me, last year was a tough year, but I'm still working, I've still got my nose to the grinder, because this year could be good, and it'll all be worth it.
This year will be good, and it'll all be worth it.

I hope so.

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