18 April 2007

Heroism & Humor

Yesterday's Best of the Web highlighted this story of heroism, which occurred during the horrific attack at Virginia Tech University:

So let's just note one act of heroism amid the horror, as reported by the Jerusalem Post:

Professor Liviu Librescu, 76, threw himself in front of the shooter when the [murderer] attempted to enter his classroom. The Israeli mechanics and engineering lecturer was shot to death, "but all the students lived--because of him," Virginia Tech student Asael Arad--also an Israeli--told Army Radio.
Several of Librescu's other students sent e-mails to his wife, Marlena, telling of how he had blocked the gunman's way and saved their lives, said Librescu's son, Joe.
"My father blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee," Joe Librescu said in a telephone interview from his home outside of Tel Aviv. "Students started opening windows and jumping out."

Librescu was a Holocaust survivor who escaped communist Romania for Israel in 1978 and moved to Virginia in 1986. By coincidence, he was murdered on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I find this account very moving. To have suffered through the Holocaust, and then give your life for others so freely is an event worthy of great praise and reflection.


On a lighter note, this is a very inventive music video by a band called Mute Math. I hadn't heard of them before one of their songs was sung by a contestant on American Idol.

Just out of curiousity, do you think it inappropriate that I put both these items in the same post? I don't mean to detract from the first part. I'd like to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

What a heartbreaking, but inspiring account of this true hero. In any crisis, it is always mixed emotions as you mourn the destruction, but honor those who rise to the occasion and come out heroic.

Lillie said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with you combining the two. You're like an entertainment morning show... they have to move on to lighter things or there's no show. But I have to admit I didn't watch the video yet due to the tears welled up in eyes from the first part. Seriously... the whole thing... it kills me.

Did you give me that silly anonymous comment. I was sure at first but keep getting a tiny nervous... what if it wasn't you?