29 March 2015

Motes in the Sunbeam

I had a chance to spend time with an old college friend and he inspired me to resume my blog. Today's post is a spiritual sequel to this post from last year:


I wrote that after a visit to Washington DCA reminded me of the amazing things that man has accomplished. It also reminded me that we are dependent on God for these abilities, whether we recognize it or not. I concluded that post with this quote, from an article written by Truman G. Madsen:

When man measures himself against the infinity of the cosmos he is almost nothing, "hardly a mote in the sunbeam." But when he measures himself against Christ, who overmasters all of these worlds and world systems, and realizes his kinship to Christ, all diminutives become superlatives. The more man comprehends the vastness of the universe, the more he recognizes his own dignity and worth. The cosmos is God's temple. But man is his offspring--a living temple, given dominion over the rest.

During Spring Break last week, we enjoyed very contrasting experiences. We spent three days in a state park, disconnected from the digital world. It was a time to enjoy nature and appreciate our amazing world. Then we drove to Cape Canaveral to watch a rocket launch and visit the Kennedy Space Center, fully immersing ourselves in the technology and achievements of the modern era.

Despite the seeming differences in these two experiences, I came away with greater appreciation for the greatness of God. The excellence demonstrated by the achievements of our space program are significant and that excellence glorifies God because, in the end, it comes from Him, just as does the Suwannee River. And I marvel at them and give thanks to the Lord for the wonders of this world.


Unknown said...

By your post you not only share consciousness in action but his as well. Your friend advised you well. Writing is a divine form of expression. Thank you for your enlightening post.

Emme said...

Sounds like a truly enriching and pleasant spring break. Thanks for sharing the insights. Plus, I LOVE the last couple lines of the Madsen quote. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, hope all is well. Catching up on some older posts as I have not been blogging for awhile. Starting to get back into it a bit. Indeed writing is a divine form of expression and I know you write when you can. Looking forward to both of us picking up the pace in the future. One note...I dropped the .com domain names so if you would please update/change your reader blog feed to sportsattitudes.wordpress.com and lifeattitudes.wordpress.com. I have always appreciated your readers who have visited me in the past. Take care and Go Cougars!

Anonymous said...

Joe, looks like we both have slowed down in our blogging efforts. Catching up on yours now. Indeed as the prior comment states writing is a divine form of expression. Always enjoy your contributions and I hope to see more in the future. Oh...if you would please update/change your blog feed to sportsattitudes.wordpress.com and lifeattitudes.wordpress.com (I dropped the .com domains) Have always appreciated/enjoyed your comments as well as visits from your site readers. Take care and Go Cougars!