15 September 2015

Don't Yearn for Bern

I have plenty of reasons to select a different candidate to support than Bernie Sanders. On some level I admire his ideological consistency, as it seems he has not altered his beliefs to seek higher office. So good for him, but not good enough for me.

The greatest reason that I see for supporting other candidates is his spending plan and the impossibility of paying for it.  The Wall Street Journal has a nice analysis of the spending proposal and the dramatic deficit it would create.


There are ALWAYS unintended consequences of government action. We should carefully examine the potential pitfalls of any legislation, and Sanders' proposals are full of them.

He will continue to find support among progressives who felt let down by a president they consider too moderate, too friendly with Wall Street and corporate America.

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Anonymous said...

The race for the nominations in both parties is going to be a fascinating thing indeed. I admittedly don't know much about his stance on the key issues other than in bullet points. That being said it appears his candidacy needs to be taken more seriously at this point. I don't think he's going away just yet...that much is clear. Good to see a post Joe! Please note my site addresses have changed for your news feed - I'm back blogging again as well! Best to you and yours.