02 September 2014

Defender of the Faith

I recently read a really wonderful obituary. The love of this individual's family was evident, and I couldn't help but mourn with them in their loss. I had never met this person, but learned important things about her through their remembrance. Foremost was love of family, but something else stood out:

A lifelong Catholic, she was a staunch defender of her church and her faith.

What a great tribute. I hope that people can say that of me, that I was a staunch defender of my faith.

I believe in absolute truth, and that truth comes from God. This is increasingly unpopular in some circles. I don't think it's a stretch to say that moral relativism is more and more common. It is very unfashionable to say that what I believe is correct, not just for me, but for everybody.

For me, this is part of being a defender of my faith. To defend my faith and belief in absolute truth does not mean that I or anyone else can take away someone else's right to make choices about how they live their life. Not everyone understands this, and some take their beliefs to immoral ends, as in Syria. None of that should change how I defend my faith, so I will do my best to continue.

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