01 June 2014


I missed last week, so I will need to double up on my posts to compensate at some point.

I wanted to write something on Memorial Day. It's hard to really express adequate appreciation for those who have died for the defense of our country. Walking around Washington D.C. and seeing the monuments to the fallen brings home the scale of that sacrifice over the years.

I was especially touched by this simple tribute:

Somebody left this drawing at the Vietnam Wall. I don't know when he died, but it had to be at least 40 years ago. It is evident that his loss was still deeply felt by those he left behind.

I have experienced the loss of all of my grandparents, some uncles, cousins, and one of my fathers-in-law. My parents are living, my siblings, wife and children are healthy and strong. But someday they will all be gone. Some will precede me, and I will precede others. I take comfort in my strong spiritual conviction that when that happens, I will someday see them again.

In our Church, we believe that families are a key part of our Heavenly Father's plan for us. They are not intended to be only a mortal construct, but something that exists eternally. Why else would our family ties have such powerful importance in our lives?

Those feelings of love are inspired by God, and he intends them to continue. Someday this man will be reunited with those that he left behind. The mortal separation, though painful, will seem like the blink of an eye. It is good to remember, and mourn, but it is the mourning that is temporary, not the death, and we can give thanks to our Father and to our Savior for that, and I do.

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