10 November 2013


This is my first post in more than a year. Between Facebook and Twitter I haven't felt the need to do this much. There are things that are not as easy to talk about through those mediums, and Facebook friends that could care less about what I think, so I may start doing this again.

The failure of the Obamacare rollout should be surprising to no one. I am of the opinion that the President is the most responsible party for the challenges he has faced since winning releection. He is not a good leader, seems to be a poor manager (they are different after all) and also fails to accept blame for his missteps, the recent, meager discussion of the Obamacare website an exception.

Republicans have not made his job easier, but that isn't really their job. There are few statesmen (or stateswomen) on either side, but the president is in a uniquely powerful position. He seems to utilize it at precisely the wrong times.

Here is an article on some of the president's challenges.

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Unknown said...

Excellent comments, son! Agree completely with your assessment of President Obama's tenure. Enjoy your blog very much! Hopefully, your will write more often as you are very gifted in this regard.