07 November 2012

What went wrong

Why did President Obama win reelection? I think there are a few main reasons, which I'll look at below. I'm not interested in what Romney did wrong in the campaign. It's over, and may provide lessons for the future, but I think that the issues below were partly outside of his control.

1. The Economy

President Obama inherited an exceedingly difficult economy. I disagree in very significant ways with how he has handled it, but the nature of those disagreements is not something that can be communicated to the general public.
I think enough Americans gave the president a pass on the economy. For four years the President has been blaming George Bush for the slow recovery. Enough people believed that.

2. Changed Electorate

Latinos, young voters, and other emerging voting groups are more reliable than many people thought. They remained supporters of the president, in spite of his weak handling of the economy. They don't identify with the issues defining many Republican voters, and immigration is a problem for the GOP.

3. Republican Failures

I trace this back to the four year period, 2002-2006, when Republicans wasted their complete hold on Congress. They overspent, and squandered chances at tax reform and social security reform. They found religion under Obama, and won major gains in 2010, but failed to overcome Obama's partisan intransigence on the budget and debt. Without notable accomplishments to point to, they could not overcome the president's successful campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, here's to hoping 2013 gets our nation and world back on track to recovery and prosperity...as well as a deeper appreciation among all of us for each and every breath we take...and a desire to help those who are in need. A great Holiday season to you and yours! (Maybe we'll both pick up the active blogging bug again next year...who knows?)