14 October 2011

Time to Say Goodbye

After 11 years with my beloved Honda Accord, it was time to say goodbye. On Monday I visited the local BMW dealership to take a second drive in a used BMW 335i. I intended to have them appraise the Honda, not to buy the car that very day, but as I pulled back into the lot one of the salesmen asked me for the keys so that he could take another prospect out for a drive.

After eyeing this car for several weeks, seeing the price drop $2k, I wasn't about to let it slip away, so after a short bit of haggling and the always-longer-than-expected business, I drove off with a new car.

It's been a fantastic choice. I spent 9 hours driving on Wednesday to see some clients and I was always glad to get back behind the wheel. The car is fast, has precise handling, and great seats.

Unfortunately I picked up a large screw in one of the tires this morning. The car has run-flat tires, which cannot be patched, and are expensive to replace. Fortunately I purchased a road hazard warranty, and am now waiting in the service area of the dealership. Unfortunately, the Wendy Williams Show is playing on the television. Ugh. Fortunately, I have my iPad.

Here is the old girl and the new girl.

I don't miss the old one.

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Kira said...

beautiful Joe!!!! Really she is beautiful, but you are not making my life any easier over here with a husband who is lusting after your sweet ride ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you leave our Honda "family" but clearly a great looking choice. Congrats!