16 October 2011


The prominence of Mitt Romney, and to a lesser extent Jon Huntsman, has prompted tremendous media attention toward my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have always been an active Mormon, participating in meetings and activities. I served a two-year mission, attended church-owned BYU, msrried my wife in one of the Church's temples and serve actively in my local congregation. My experience is not uncommon, but reflects certain choices.

Not everyone makes those choices, but that does not make their faith, or their heritage based on that faith, any less valid than my own.

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, grew up in the Church. He has not been as devout, or followed as orthodox a path as I have, but as he explains in this video, his faith guides his choices and he still has a belief in what he was taught as a boy and young man.

As someone who has experienced the traditional pattern, I appreciate his words and experience. We are a diverse faith, more so every day, and I am proud to belong.


A.J. said...

I do not understand why it has been a big deal for Mitt Romney. I am not a member of the LDS church (as you know), but have spent some time around the LDS church (as you are also well aware of). Though I would likely never join the the church (due to my upbringing and heritage), I have always found members of the church to be very welcoming, helpful, and well organized as a unit. I was always impressed with their support (financial and otherwise) for their members and non-members (e.g., my Eagle Scout project). I also enjoyed spending time with your family, which is probably why I have a high opinion of the church. So, again, not sure why Mitt Romney's faith is an issue. I am not likely to vote for him, but that is definitely not because he is Mormon. In fact, it probably helps his case for me if I have a change of political opinion over the next year.

A.J. said...

To follow-up, there is a funny skit in the Monday (10/17) Daily Show in the middle about Christianity and Mormonism. Just watched it last night.

Jlowryjr said...

Thanks for your kind words A.J., and for pointing out that segment. It was funny. Incidentally, one of the writers on the Daily Show is Mormon.

Anonymous said...

As you know from our last "go around" with Mitt, I too am not of the Mormon faith but still can't understand why this issue of religion...is still an issue for him in 2011. Sad we haven't come any farther since the last election cycle in this regard. You would have thought after electing an African-American we'd be past all this...then again, there are those still insisting he's not American. If he fails in his attempt again this year, I hope it is because of his stances on the issues...and not because of where his faith stands.