05 April 2011

Miami Reborn?

I thought This was an interesting article from SI's Stewart Mandel. He looks at Miami coach Al Golden's efforts to return the Miami Hurricanes to legitimate dominance in their conference and the nation.

I have been pretty optimistic about Golden so far. A friend of mine attended their recent scrimmage in Palm Beach County and was disappointed, but it was the first public scrimmage of the year.

I am already looking forward to the Fall!

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Anonymous said...

Obviously familiar with Al Golden living outside of Philly and having one eye on Temple football all along his tenure. He is a class act. There will be some house cleaning to be sure but he will do things the right way...and hopefully the winning way!

A.J. said...

Was a big fan of him while he was at UVa. I hope he does well at Miami. Just not too well ... ;)