17 April 2011


I grew up watching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. My mom was a huge Jordan fan, and I followed him closely until his retirement (the 2nd one). As ESPN's Michael Wilbon explains, in Derrick Rose the Bulls finally have a player which could provide Chicago with the edge that they need.

I don't pull for the Bulls anymore, having transferred my allegiance to the Heat, but I don't mind that they are relevant. As the first two days of the playoffs have already shown, this season the NBA is more interesting than it has been in many years. Worth a sports fan's time.

By the way, I meant to post this on Friday, so the article is old by now.

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Anonymous said...

NBA has not been this "hot" in years...saying a lot since it has been doing quite well. That being said, the upcoming labor issue appears to be unfolding in an even more bleak outlook than the NFL. Momentum is important for any brand so let's get this settled soon, David Stern.