30 September 2010

Bad News Tarheels

There was a really interesting piece today from Yahoo! Sports about the ties between a former UNC coach, a suspended player, and a prominent sports agent. The article is very detailed, and it means big trouble for North Carolina. It seems reasonable to expect that they will receive sanctions more severe than those received by USC a few months ago.

Another piece from Yahoo! Sports (getting it done today!) talks about why the investigation is important. It is emblematic of a sport rife with violations. It's not surprising given the huge sums of money at play.

I've respected Butch Davis ever since he rescued the Hurricanes from their own NCAA penalties through solid recruiting and high quality (low trouble) players. It will be hard for him to keep his job if the allegations prove true.


A.J. said...

Was his reputation tarnish-free at the U? I thought it was not ... but perhaps I am wrong.

Jlowryjr said...

To my knowledge it was. The main problem Canes fans have with Davis was that he left at all to go to the NFL.

Two of the years he was coach I was on my church mission, so I am basically ignorant of that period, but I know that the 2000-2002 Hurricanes, that he recruited, were so dominant and stayed out of any NCAA troubles that I can think of.