18 March 2010

A New Arrival

At 3:08 PM on March 17th we welcomed our new son, Isaac Rafael Lowry. As has been the case when Joseph and Millie were born, Lacy was amazing.

Lacy has always liked the name Isaac, and Rafael was the middle name of my grandfather (Abuelito). I wanted him to have a link to his ancestry. Fortunately Lacy agreed.

Isaac is a big boy- 10 lbs 14 oz at birth! I have included some photos below. I'm sorry that they are a little out of order.

Childbirth is a miracle. This is the third time I have seen a birth, each time for one of my kids. It is an extraordinary spiritual and emotional experience. To see my wife pushed to such an extreme, and to see the life that comes from her body, a perfect, new person, demonstrates to me the grandeur of God's creation.

I am a blessed man.

Here is Millie with her little brother.

Joseph is very excited to have a new baby in the house. He asked if Mommy could have a little baby girl...today! We told him she needed a break.
He is a happy big bro!
The proof-
Papa and Mima with their new grandkid (#7).
Nana arrived from San Diego right on time! Isaac is her 19th grandchild, her 13th grandson!
Here is Isaac about 3 hours after his birth.
Joseph gets to listen to Isaac's heartbeat. "Sounds good!"
Isaac's first visitors- Papa, Uncle Chris, Joseph III, Mima, Nana, and Millie.


Ryon said...

WOW!!! Wow! That is one HUGE son! Not a picture of Lacy, is she o.k....kind of? Way to go Lacy...no wonder you felt like you were going to pop open at any joint at any moment! CONGRATS to you both!

Kira said...


lisapants said...

Congratulations, he is beautiful!

A.J. said...


Shannon & Tyler said...

Ok your wife totally gets bragging rights!! That's one big baby!! Congrats on # 3, he sure is cute!

Linz said...

So exciting!! Congrats!! He is beautiful!

Erin Mason said...

Congratulations! We love seeing the updates on your cute family!

Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! I loved your description of how you see child birth. I have always felt the same way. It has always been not only emotional but a very spiritual experience for me as the one giving birth. I've been blessed to witness three births besides participating in my own 6. Everytime it was the same. We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful miracle and gift. Congratulations again!!

Debbie said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby.

Lillie said...

Oh look at that big, beautiful, perfect baby boy! I cannot wait to meet him. Oh when to make that happen. I hate that I'm not there amongst his first visitors. I'm so proud of you Lacy. Joe--- great post-- it's neat to hear your appreciation of the whole thing.

Love you guys so much.

Jlowryjr said...

Thanks everyone.

Lacy is fine, she just didn't like any of the pictures that I took that day!