01 March 2010

Consensus is not Science

This is science. It is a report on a study which finds little connection between global warming and more severe hurricanes. According to their findings, global warming may actually contribute to milder storms. This is, of

Now it does not by any means disprove Climate Change. I'm not of the belief that Climate Change is NOT happening. I just don't know:

  • How bad it is
  • How much can be attributed to man
  • What we CAN do about it
  • What we SHOULD do about it
  • Whether there are other things which are MORE important, and therefore more worthy of finite resources.

This is a healthy debate to be having. Crisis talk and fearmongering are used for demagoguery, not good policy.

1 comment:

A.J. said...

Agreed, with the caveat that "finite resources" applies not just to money, but to everything we use every day. Lets put carbon (and other emissions) into the things we need, which we should learn to use less of.