31 January 2010

SPOTD #163

On the final day of the first month of 2010, the 163rd Spanish Phrase of the Day-

Today's Phrase:
Unfortunately, I was at a loss for something profound.

Es bueno leer.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable
Ess bway-no lay-air.

Translation (roughly)
It is good to read.

When is a Poke more than a Poke?
When a poke means planning a hit. A British gangster is using Facebook's networking abilities to maintain his criminal activities.

2009 is gone
But its films live on. Here is Eric Snider's roundup of the best and worst of last year.

Homemade Artillery
Why not? This one can launch pumpkins at 600 mph.

Danger Driver
Want to see the most dangerous road in Europe?

Ticket Avoidance
Want to avoid trouble on the road with the Po-Po? Give these cars your consideration. I do think that their presence on the list is due more to the demographics of the drivers than the vehicles themselves, but there may be safety in these numbers.

Bad Idea Department
Twilight Tattoos. No one will ever regret this, right?

Danger Burgers
This is a list of the worst fast-food burgers, nutritionally. Two of my favorites are on the list.

Scientists have found the skull of a giant sea creature that could have eaten almost anything in the ocean. The skull is extremely well-preserved.

Link of the Day
Check out the most Viral videos of the past decade.

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