11 January 2010

Coming Clean

Mark McGwire has finally admitted publicly what most have long suspected- that he used steroids while playing Major League Baseball. I found his statement disappointing. The only real reason for him to be admitting to steroid use now is that he about to begin his work as the batting coach for his old team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

I give him credit for being clear about the extent of his use, but I think he should have made his admission much earlier. I'm disappointed because I always enjoyed him as a player, and like Barry Bonds, think that would have been a great hitter without the steroids. In McGwire's case he may not have lasted as long as he did. but his gift as a hitter was clear from his first season.

I like the perspective offered by SI.com writer Lee Jenkins, though I disagree that McGwire needed the juice to be relevant.

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