09 October 2009

Nobel Farce Prize

President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Not everyone thinks it was a good call.

I don't. From the above-linked Times (UK) piece:

Mr Obama becomes the third sitting US President to receive the prize. The
committee said today that he had “captured the world’s attention”. It is
certainly true that his energy and aspirations have dazzled many of his
supporters. Sadly, it seems they have so bedazzled the Norwegians that they can
no longer separate hopes from achievement. The achievements of all previous
winners have been diminished.

It has been reported that Obama himself is surprised at the award, and if he is honest will admit to himself that his resume is very thin at this point.

The Peace Prize has grown more irrelevant over time. It is unfortunate, though not altogether surprising, that it has continued down that path. There is no doubt that other people have done more to deserve it. It is too bad that their deeds will not be better known.


A.J. said...

Hmmm .... although I laud Obama's work to date, it does seem a bit premature ...

Hypothetically, who should have won it?

Jlowryjr said...

That's a great question. They don't release the names of the nominees for 50 YEARS!

I have to think that someone on the list of 205 names would have had some body of work more worthy.

It's not like this is Obama's only chance.

A.J. said...

Apparently nominees can say that they were nominated:

"This year's nominations included Colombian activist Piedad Cordoba, Afghan woman's rights activist Simi Samar and Denis Mukwege, a physician in war-torn Congo who opened a clinic to help rape victims. "

The first person apparently might have ties to the FARC, so it puts her out. I do not know much about the others.